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hi i'm lena, i have quite a thing for matty healy and i'm really glad you exist ♡☯

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hi lovely, do you ever reblog faces? c: if yes, would you mind reblogging some? c: asked by Anonymous

sure thing i love reblogging faces, unfortunately i’m not on my computer right now but you can like this already and i’ll reblog them tomorrow c: ♡

You've written a suicide note? I never knew you've been in such a bad condition I hope you feel better <3 asked by Anonymous

i never told anyone and it’s not a big deal, it’s never been for me since i never actually wanted to kill myself. i just wrote it the night of christmas when i was slightly tipsy and in the worst state of mind i’ve ever been, it was a poem i saved on my phone, i still have it, and i planned to send it to a person once i’ll leave but i never had to luckily so yeah i feel better, a lot. thanks ♡

The other day I wrote a suicide note because I really want to die. I don't necessarily want to kill myself, but things haven't been getting better after about a year and a half asked by Anonymous

not matter what happens, don’t leave. i get you, to be completely honest i’ve written kind of a suicide note to even though i never wanted to kill myself, i just didn’t want to live. maybe you should think about getting professional help, if you’re not getting it already. i have no idea how to help but i hope one day, life will show you its worth and beauty like it did to me and you will see that being alive is a privilege and you’ll get to realize that it’s beautiful. i really hope you’ll get better, you’re important and ily ♡