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hi i'm lena, i have quite a thing for matty healy and i'm really glad you exist ♡☯



acne sweater fresh out of an acne shopping bag


So do you smoke? asked by Anonymous

tbh i don’t see a sense in smoking cigs anymore, therefore i quit. i occasionally do it on parties but really rarely c:

Didn't you say you don't smoke just yesterday? asked by Anonymous

because my 12 year old sister was sitting next to me lmao


Fawn DeViney
You should make baked apples! Core apples and put honey or maple syrup, raisins, and cinnamon in the middle. Cook them in the oven for a bit or in a firepit if you want. They're really good! asked by Anonymous

aaaw thanks this sounds great, i’ll definitely try it! c: can’t fill it with honey because that isn’t vegan but the other things sound delicious, thank you ♡

Hats off to you for the detox! If that was me it would feel like all I could eat was air haha asked by Anonymous

aw haha :’) i actually don’t eat a lot of animal products anyway so the vegan part isn’t hard but i gotta admit cutting off grains really is. but i love fruits and veggies and soy stuff so i’ll be fine c:

i’m starting a detox tomorrow and i won’t eat
- any non vegan products
- grain products
- sugar
- salt
so if you know any good recipes, please let me know c:


Egg for Breakfast by kandisebrown on Flickr.